About Us

What we value

We are members of the modern left, and are unapologetically progressive. At the same time, we welcome conversations with the many former conservatives who are looking for a new political home as the modern right slides deeper into a politics of anger, hate, and climate denial. We hold firm, nonviolent boundaries against hate, while refusing to be drawn into the hyper-partisanship that only intensifies a culture of polarization and conflict.

Our 5 team values


We choose a style of leadership that multiplies; we will take responsibility for enabling the leadership of others, to scale up our party to the next level of success.

We envisage a party full of leaders, at every level, who are each taking responsibility and getting results for their communities.


We are inclusive, and are focused on well-being: in our own campaign, in our work within the party, and in our external policies.

Our understanding of community care includes building a culture of accountability for harmful behaviour, and creating opportunities for healing and learning.


We have a track record of getting results. We are respectful, calm, and collaborative. We understand that lasting and meaningful change is built steadily over time, and we are ready to do the work.


We want to do big things. We are willing to take risks if they are in service of truth and transformation.


We need a new paradigm in Canadian politics. We need to start the joyful and transformative work of building the post-capitalist world we want to create, instead of just tinkering at the edges of a dying system.

It’s not enough to complain about how broken the current system is, we must roll up our sleeves and start working together to nurture the next era into being.

Who we are


  • We have a professional approach to grassroots community organizing, a proven ability to build a team, and knowledge of how to shift the current political reality. We are deeply committed to participatory democracy and have the skills and knowledge to put it into practice.
  • Anna is a former PEI Greens President, with a 15-year career in nonprofits, including serving on many governing boards. She has run twice in the last 2 federal elections, placing within the top 6 Greens in the country both times.
  • Chad is a long-time community activist with a successful record of spearheading and running a number of social impact campaigns over the past 10 years, in 2018 he ran for the Green Party of Québec and achieved the second highest result for the party in the province.


  • Chad recently ended a two-year term as the CEO of the GPC’s most active and well-resourced Electoral District Association in Québec. While earning his degree at Concordia University, he ran numerous environmental awareness campaigns and has a decade worth of experience working on social justice and citizens rights initiatives.
  • Anna trained in Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project in 2006, and her career since then has been deeply embedded in the environmental & climate justice movement, including with Greenpeace International, and 350.org. She has led successful campaigns for Proportional Representation.


  • Anna has lived & worked on 4 continents, enabling her to recognize Canada’s areas of leadership, but also the ways in which Canada is lagging behind, and where we can be inspired by the examples set by other countries.
  • Chad, whose parents are from Croatia and Barbados, has an appreciation of and openness to the perspective of different cultures and experiences. As an avid student of geo-political affairs and international relations he has developed an appreciation for the nuances that come with the interconnectedness of the world’s nations as well as an understanding of the impact our current economic model has on the developing world.


  • We welcome feedback and criticism, knowing that feedback is essential to growth and improvement.
  • We place high importance on political discipline, adherence to internal processes & good governance.
  • We recognize that this party is made up of various groups, with different ideas about how best to strategically move the party forward. We see the dynamic tension between different ideas as an immense opportunity for creativity. We will listen to all voices, and take the decisions needed to move forward, while empowering all members to lead in their own ways.
  • We will work against factionalism & exclusiveness within the party: in a healthy culture, we can disagree with respect, and still find ways to work together in solidarity.
  • We will demonstrate the collaborative culture we want to build, and we ask every member of the party to also do what they can to contribute to building that healthy team culture.

We are in politics to get results for Canadians, and for future generations worldwide, not for ego.

We embody change and a new generation of leadership in the Canadian Greens. We want to to inspire and empower other young people to take their place in decision-making spaces.